**A SPECIAL OFFER BELOW** The power of plant food is one of my greatest passions - something this week's guest and I have in common.

From Heart Attack to Ironman, Adam Guthrie has witnessed not only the transformation but the regeneration of the human body on a whole food plant-based diet.

At just 39 years old Adam was stopped in his tracks, and his second chance at life spurred him to make some profound changes.

Now an Ironman Triathlete, Adam is also a professionally trained chef, certified plant-based nutrition guru, founder of the I Feel Good magazine and writer for both Eat Well and Nourish magazines. It is his mission to bring plant-based recipes and cooking tips to people's everyday life.

In this episode, we spoke about how a plant-based lifestyle saved Adam and has him feeling energised, aligned, and connected with his higher self. And I gathered some tips that you and I can share with loved ones looking to shift their lifestyle.


For our listeners, we have a 50% discount to Adam's I Feel Good plant-based online membership program.

You will get simple whole food recipes designed by Adam, cooking tips and tricks, online support and coaching and a lot more.

This really is a beautiful program that is helping people transform their lives inside and out.



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