Ex pro-bodyboarder turned Holistic Lifestyle coach, Nick Perry joins me on the show to dive deep into what is happening in the collective consciousness right now.

Fear, stress, anxiety and all those emotions coming up have a greater purpose in your life. In other words, it is happening for you.

We dive into the importance of value systems and how you can be easily conditioned to adopt value systems that are not beneficial to you. Societal programming is prominent among this generation and the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to reshape what we want out of life.

Nick gives you his perspective on how to take radical responsibility for your life and practical steps to reduce the stress and emotions arising from circumstances in your environment.

Nick and I end up going down a rabbit hole at the end and talking about vibrations and emotions, which I love.

The essence of our discussion is to fully change the consciousness of those around you, first change yourself. We discuss practical steps to shift your world in a positive way.

I think I officially change Nick's name to Warren Perry (Ol' Wazza) as he loves to go down rabbit holes.

Enjoy this episode.

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