A question that the greatest scientists, psychologists and philosophers were and still are trying to understand - what is consciousness? 

Chris Walton MSc, a performance psychologist who has studied consciousness for 20 years has his masters in transpersonal psychology which his dissertation was based on peak and mystical states of consciousness. 

In this episode, we discuss his definition of consciousness, how it connects to the subconscious and conscious mind, how our beliefs and thoughts are involved, what role the brain actually plays in consciousness, accessing the infinite field of information that is available to all of us, how to access the peak and mystical states of consciousness, our experiences with plant medicines, the emotional experience he had with his mum in meditation where he helped her cross over to the other side as she passed away and at the end, we talk about an intervention that happened in my life where I nearly died. 

What I love about Chris is his passion for explaining the unknown transpersonal world of spirituality and consciousness with science. 

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