At one with nature, amongst the cacao and jackfruit trees, the hum of crickets (Yes, that is what the noise is in the background) and the occasional crow of a rooster in Bali - we were in the perfect setting to invite the powerful ambassador for the voiceless to the Feeling Alive Podcast.

James Hoot is a director, photographer and all-round compassionate earthling with a profound message. His documentary Planet Vegan is set to launch and skyrocket his message to evolve consciously just in time for the turn of the decade. In an eight-part series James is bringing together game-changers in the vegan realm to inspire people through other stories.

Contrary to the existing documentaries of this movement, rooted in fear, James' approach of showcasing people's stories and causing a rise of the compassionate vegan movement globally sets him apart.

In this episode, we muse about the Symbols of Synchronicity that are key to finding your purpose, James' time on the Gringo tourist trail on his way to uncovering the beauty of Bolivia and its people, and how the people who impact you are the ones you least expect…sometimes they're even a childhood neighbour.

Enjoy my friends.

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