This is the best time in history to do what you love and what lights you up, but the problem is most of you don't know how to find it.

In this episode, Danielle & I give you our very own co-created program that helps you find deeper fulfilment in your personal life, career and unlock your purpose.

We discuss what it means to look into your history and why it is important in finding your purpose. Then we delve into the three aspects to our GPS model which are your gifts, your passions and your symbols.

Quite often, you hear your pain is your purpose or your mess is your message, but in our experiences, it's much more than that. You need real fuel for your fire in this life and you need to know what your gifted at as well as passionate about it and most of all they all need to connect to make it truly empowering and meaningful to you.

Enjoy this episode and get your notebook ready.

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